The Truesdale Show

The Truesdale Show

A live show I built in my basement. Mon/Wed/Thu 11PM EST; full schedule below. When it's live you'll see it below (no account needed) and you can see the full channel (with chat) here on

Basic Schedule:
Casual Monday... when I'm still recovering from the weekend.
Chet Tuesday... when we hang out at Chet's Place instead of doing a show here!
Nerd Night (Wednesday)... when the mask is pulled back and pure nerdiness is unleashed.
Movie Night (Thursday)... when we make fun of an old cheesy public domain film.

Don't let the suit fool you...

kludge (n) Computer Slang.
a software or hardware configuration that, while inelegant, inefficient, clumsy, or patched together, succeeds in solving a specific problem or performing a particular task.

That pretty much sums up the configuration of this show! I realize wearing a suit may indicate I have a quality show with well written content. But like the polystyrene background behind my desk, it's just a poorly crafted illusion of extravagance. The Truesdale Show is a low budget hobby. Not to scare you off, but on a light day you may enjoy being here more to hang out with some great viewers than expecting to be dazzled by my spectacular hosting skills.

Sometimes it's too busy for me to do a show at all, but I try to notify you (in the event that you actually cared). You can add me to your favorites here on JTV to be emailed when I start broadcasting. Or, if you fan/follow me on facebook or twitter, I'll update my status when a show is cancelled (via mobile phone if need be). Facebook page. Twitter page.

Rules of the Chat
Don't be annoying. That pretty much covers it.

If I was frequently asked questions, I'd answer them here.