Monday, March 9, 2009

Latest YouTube Information

I've made this entry so you can avoid watching or reading a bunch of outdated stuff. As new updates arrive, you should look here to be directed to the most current information. I'll keep a link to this entry on the sidebar of the blog.

Here's the latest blog entry on YouTube's settings.

Here is a video explanation of the latest settings:


Nancy said...

I was looking for best settings for video uploading because I faced a problem............and I came across your video it was awesome, I learnt few things

Good Job keep it up

Jimmy :)

Nancy said...

I'm sorry my sister is also using my PC !!!

some boy said...

nancy is such a lovely name

Seana said...

Hi, I stumbled in here in search of information about the x.264-Codec. I watched your video and liked it very much. I'm from Germany and my english is not that good, but I understood everything you said. It was informative and entertaining. You impart knowledge in a fresh and nonchalant way. Thanks a lot for sharing! Seana

Anonymous said...

HQ does not sound like a regular cd album, not even close. There's a bunch of good stuff in your video, though :)

Dimitar said...

How can I make my video be 10 mins with the right bytes.How can I adjust it like that?Leave your replies by sending me message on:

Alessandro Portale said...
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Izalixe Straightheart said...

Hi Derek,

I think your show rocks!

Here's my question, I really dont know a lot about technical stuff.. like when you say "upload in 1080" I dont even know how to DO THAT ? Could you explain more please? I know that 1080 is a video size compared to 720, it's 1080 pixels by something, but how do actually DO it? What do you click and what do you type?

I just made my first "music video" which implicates the images and me lipsynching had to be synched by the hundredth of second. I was so proud when it was finished. I filmed it with my FlipUltra which has crisp, clear images, it was a sunny day and when I watch it on my computer, the image is crystal clear and looks awesome.

Then I uploaded it on Youtube and it's all pixelated and looks like shit.

WHY doesnt it look like how it looks on my screen?

What is because I did not save it in the right format?

I use iMovieHD [NO, I will not switch up to the new iMovie because I hate the interface] and I use a MacBook. When your video is done, you have many options for saving it. I chose the "internet" option. Maybe I should have chosen High Quality instead? I know it makes the file a lot bigger.... would Youtube support it? My video right now is 3,7 Mo in size for 2mins21secs. Is that big or not?

Can you please, PLEASE help me? I plan to make A LOT MORE videos and this is very important to me!

P.s. I also have a Vimeo account. Would the quality be better there?

THANKS!!! PLEASE answer me, I neep help!!

Izalixe Straightheart said...

by the way here is the link to my video. Why does it look SO BAD? It is crystal clear on my laptop!!

So frustrating. Please help me improve it.