Wednesday, May 21, 2008

HQ YouTube Uploading Guide

Note that this guide deals with the encoding, not processing and shooting, which precede encoding and also have a significant effect on the final quality of the video.

How to Get "Watch in High Quality" on Your YouTube Videos


Jay said...

Hi Derek,
Thanks for your YouTube How-to-video...very well put together and easy to follow.
I downloaded VirtualDubMod today and when I dragged my video into it's window I got an error message saying that Microsoft owned the patent preventing 3rd parties to download ASF files and the V1.3d was removed in order to prevent a patent infringement I doing something wrong or did MS catch up to VirtualDub and killed this feature? What's fix...finding an older version somewhere?

NerdWithNoLife said...

Make sure Avisynth is installed and open a Notepad document. All you need to have in the document is the following:


Save as "video.avs," put it in the same folder as video.wmv, then drag video.avs into VirtualDub.

yourstruly said...

Hi derek, great tutorial but you dont reeally say where to get teh Divx xvid codec or the H.264 codec so it shows up in the compression setting as in your screen shot.

Ive searched for those 2 and go round and round Ive installed the ffdshow and divxxvid but from there...the project strays from your screen shots can you post specifically where to download teh codec so it will look like your screen shot and I can follow your tutorial

Sekeraj said...

Thanks for the tutorial, it worked perfectly. HQ allows a higher mp3 quality and for my music, it's great!

voice dubbing said...

Thanks for the tutorial Derek...

I have successfully upload my videos in HQ on Youtube.

But,there is a problem. As you might know, Turkey does not have access to Youtube.

So, I also would like to upload those videos onto my website as well as youtube.

I successfully converted them just like the way I did for Youtube.

But, I guess I need another programme to play high quality videos.

Do you have any idea?

Ali Khan said...

it was a wonderful chance to visit this kind of site and I am happy to know. thank you so much for giving us a chance to have this opportunity..

Louis Feoncy said...

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